Readings & Prices

I do my private one to one readings from my purpose built unit in Leigh, no one can see or hear your reading taking place.

Each reading is a private one to one reading, so only myself and you.

There are three different types of readings that I do at my unit a psychic life reading, a spiritual reading or a mix of both psychic and spiritual, these readings are different and there is a explanation of each below.

It is fully encouraged that everyone audio record their readings themselves on their mobile phones, ipad, dictaphone, whatever you have, there is an electrical source in the unit so if you need to plug something in that's no problem.

Every reading is unique and is also an experiment, if the connection is not there then the reading will be stopped and there will be no fee.

Psychic Life Reading

Length: 30min

Price:   £20

Psychic reading covers aspects of your life present & future, relationships, family, career, health, finances etc (this is not a spiritual communication reading)



Length: 45min

Price:   £30

Spiritual reading is communication with your friends, relations and loved ones in the spirit world.

Spiritual Reading

Length: 60min

Price:   £40

The mixed reading is made up of 30mins psychic life reading & 30mins spiritual.

Mixed Psychic & Spiritual Reading

By law we have to state that all readings and messages must be considered for entertainment purpose only