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Before booking please read!


All readings are done at my unit in Leigh in person, I do not offer telephone, email, video readings or home visits.


First available booking time slot will be 10am and the final booking time slot for a Psychic life reading is 4pm for the Spiritual reading 3.45pm and the Mixed reading is  3.30pm.


If you have a booking and you are ill please cancel your booking as soon as possible and I will happily rebook your reading for another time.

I do not take deposits for bookings this gives the reassurance to the client that if they are ill they can cancel their booking knowing that they have not lost any money.


The entrance to the market closest to my unit is in Gas Street.

I ask that you arrive promptly for your reading time, my door will be open ready for your arrival so you will not be kept waiting. 


Unfortunately, I no longer have a waiting area at my unit, so please arrange a meeting point if you have a friend or family member travelling with you.


Most readings are booked in advance, there are sometimes walk in appointments available, which would be advertised on the window of my unit, so if you are travelling in especially to have a reading best to text or call in advance to find out if there is availability on that day, to save any disappointment. 


A maximum of two readings can be booked by one person.


All readings are private one to one, this is just myself and the person booked for the reading.


Payment is still by cash only so please try and have the correct payment where possible and make sure you have your payment before entering the market because there are no cash machines inside.


I do not hand over my papers at the end of the session any longer but you are welcome to take a photo of them if you would like to.


Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to help with setting up any mobile devices to record readings so please make sure you know how to record on it before hand.


Everyone is encouraged to record their readings onto their mobile phone or any other audio recording equipment if they would like to.


Each person booking in will be asked for a mobile contact number and they will be sent a texted message the day before their reading and will be asked to confirm they are still keeping their booking, if the booking is not confirmed by the morning of the booked reading, then we will presume it is no longer required and it will be cancelled.


For the time being I am no longer offering home demo’s or home private readings, all readings will be done at my unit in Leigh.


Thank you for taking the time to read this message before deciding to book your reading.

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