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About Me



I work with spirit most days communicating messages from them to their loved ones, during

private one to one readings, which I do at my unit in Leigh.

I have been working from my unit in Leigh Indoor market Wigan since May 2015, I also had a unit in Walkden Indoor Market Salford for a year in 2014.


I was first made aware of the spirit world as a child around four or five years old and I have been on my own unique spiritual pathway ever since, working as a communication tool for those in the spirit world and also to develop a greater understanding of life in all its forms, its mysteries and meanings, this is not only for my own spiritual development and growth but also importantly for the benefit of others.

I have experienced a great deal in my life, as with most people the ups and the downs, I've been privileged enough during some of my work roles to have rubbed shoulders with royalty and many celebrities and to have travelled the world but as much as these experiences were amazing, I have also experienced lifes tough times too and I believe that has made me a more rounded person more understanding and personable to the people that I give readings to because I can understand lifes highs and lows.


I work with spirit in many ways, as I am clairvoyant (I see spirit), clairaudient (I hear spirit), clairsentient (I sense spirits emotions), claircogniant (clear knowing) and considered to be a physical medium having worked in closed circle with trance, transfiguration and materialisation mediumship.

I do work on a psychic level too with psychometry, auras, and psychic tools such as angel or tarot cards.

My gifts are used both in private sittings, within public demonstration and within closed circles and other groups or organisations, at my discretion, including parapsychology study groups.


For many years I ran my own very successful and well respected paranormal business working both publicly and privately.

I have also been privileged to work as a medium and senior investigator in other paranormal and ghost investigation groups, where my experience and ability have proven to be an invaluable asset .





I have worked for many years for public demonstration of  mediumship within Spiritualist churches or centres in the UK and have at times held workshops in all aspects of spiritual development. 



I am not generally involved with the media on a regular basis any longer, but I have in the past worked on radio where I had a live phone in show giving spiritual advice and messages.

I have also had articles published in magazines and newspapers about myself and the paranormal investigations that I have been involved in.

I have been one of the experts as a paranormal investigator on several television shows pre-recorded and live broadcasted investigations and also on a dvd production on spiritual and paranormal matters, which was broadcast across the USA. 


I want to continue to provide a personal quality reading service to anyone who seeks it at a reasonable cost.

Its been a long time in the making, but one day I would like to write a book regarding my personal experiences and findings with the paranormal and spirit world.

I relish the opportunity to attend a rare genuine private physical séance but its very difficult without a personal invitation from spirit first.

Observe phenomena of spirit related contact and engage in a positive interaction on the teaching given from the spirit realms.


My long-term view is to assist in a better understanding of the paranormal and the spirit world, just maybe I can help to find some way to prove beyond all doubt the existence of the human soul and consciousness to everyone, other than by ones own faith and personal experience, possibly a science related experiment, that would be widely accepted and in doing so remove the fear of death. 

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